Начало Нова техника AGRISEM Maximulch Serie 3

Agrisem Maximulch Serie 3

The Maximulch Series 3 is a combined machine which offers the functions of a soil loosener and of a stubble breaker. The adjustable height of the blades is controlled with a rack and pinion which enables to adjust the working depth from 5 to 25cm deep.

Another advantage that the Maximulch Series 3 mounted offers is the possibility to raise the blade in order to use the machine as a disc stubble-breaker only.

The blades can be offered with bolt security or with non-stop spring security according to your type of soil.

The assembly of the 560mm discs with security offers you an incredible quality of mulch. The high security SR hubs are maintenance free. You can opt for the SRE hubs and the new mulching discs for an even more intensive use.

Different types of rollers enable you to complete the work of the machine for an optimal support in any condition.

In the mounted version, the machine benefits from a hydraulic folding of the roller on top of the machine in order to reduce the overhang and the weight on the back lift of the tractor during the transport.

4.00 м. Работна ширина

4.00 м. (без аксесоари) Транспортна ширина

170 - 220 к.с. Необходима мощност

2738 кг. Тегло

3284 кг. Тип

29 Брой работни органи

7 Брой работни дискове

Модели Спецификации Галерия


Maximulch Serie 3
  Fix models / mounted models 
Working width (m) 3,00 3,50 4,00
Transport width (m) (without accessories) 3,00 3,50 4,00
Power min-max (hp) 120-160 145-195 170-220
Weight (kg) with bolt security and Ø526 cage roller 2 152 2 435 2 738
Weight (kg) with spring security and Ø526 cage roller 2 542 2 903 3 284
Number of discs 21 25 29
Number of TCS blades 5 6 7