Начало Нова техника AGRISEM Maximulch Serie 5

Agrisem Maximulch Serie 5

The Maximulch Series 5 is fitted by 5 beams enable you to work from a full soil work with large amounts of crop residues. The double independent disc rows of 610 mm diameter, mounted on our high security and maintenance free SRE hubs, which assure you an incredible mulching quality of the soil surface. The two rows of tines continue to do the job by soil loosening or mixing soil/crop residues.

Two configurations are available:

- With AGM HD tines (serial) which allow cutting, tilling and mixing large amounts of post-harvest residues in one pass up to 40 cm deep.
- With TCS 550 blades (option) which allow loosening the soil without mix different backgrounds up to 30 cm deep.

The tines are equipped with non-stop spring security of 750 kg at the tip.
Different types of rollers enable you to complete the work of the machine for an optimal extra support in any condition

5.00 м. Работна ширина

3.00 м. (без аксесоари) Транспортна ширина

300 - 500 к.с. Необходима мощност

29 Брой работни органи

11 Брой работни дискове

8560 кг. Тегло

Модели Спецификации Галерия


Maximulch Serie 5
  Rigid models Folding models 
Working width (m) 3,00 4,00 4,00 5,00
Transport width (m) (without accessories) 3,00 3,00 3,00 3,00
Power req. min-max (hp) 180-320 240-450  240-450 300-500 
Weight (kg) 5 216 6 222  7 800 8 560 
Disc diameter (mm) 610 610  610 610 
Number of discs 16 25 25  29 
Number of tines 7 9  9 11