Начало Нова техника Сеялки AGRISEM Disc-O-Sem Silver P

Agrisem Disc-O-Sem Silver P

The Disc-O-Sem Silver P are net combined machines which are compact and mounted, which enables a preparation of the seeding bed saving power and fuel. This model exists in a fix version with a disc harrow, but also in an adjustable mounted version with a coupling eye, either with a disc harrow, or with an Actimulch rotating harrow.
Completed with a Combisem 1000 seeder which has a 1000L cistern and “Minimum Tillage” seeding ramp with a 15cm space and 120kg pressure par seeding element, the whole machine becomes a saving seeding combination.

4.00 м тип

4.00 м (без аксесоари) транспортна ширина

150 - 210 к.с. необходима мощност

2 800 кг тегло

Модели Спецификации Галерия


Disc-O-Sem Silver P
  Foldable models
Working width (m) 3,00 4,00
Transport width (m) (without accessories) 3,00 4,00
Weight (kg) 2 100 2 800
Power min-max (hp) 120-180 150-210
Hopper capacity (L) 1 000 1 000
Number of seeding shares 20 28
Seeding share spacing (cm) 15 14,3
Number of discs 24 32
Diameter of the discs (mm) Ø 460 Ø 460