Начало Нова техника пръскачки навесни/прикачни LEMKEN Lemken VEGA

Lemken VEGA 12

Внимателно обмисленият дизайн на Vega, техническото изпълнение и иновативните технологии, отговарят дори на най-взискателните изисквания за защита на културите.

прикачна, щангова тип

3 150-5 250 л обем на резервоара

15 - 30 м работна ширина

4 069-4 269 кг тегло

Акценти Модели Галерия



Every detail of the Vega’s design has been carefully developed to meet even the most challenging demands in crop protection:

  • Aluminium boom with true circulation line without inactive pipe sections and optional EltecPro singlenozzle control for outstanding precision of application
  • Compact design due to rear-folding boom, resulting in excellent road handling and a clear view.
  • Low centre of gravity yet large ground clearance
  • Excellent agility even with large tyres

New boom suspension and guidance

Boom suspension on a central shaft. Frictionless boom balance due to suspension via angular roller bearings. Damping elements on the middle section to reduce yawing movements to a minimum.


The aluminium profile is light, dimensionally stable and resistant to corrosive crop care products. Nozzles, pipes and electronics are routed well protected inside the aluminium profiles, but are at the same time easily accessible for adjustment and maintenance.


  • The tank design features a deep sump to ensure complete drainage.
  • The unique tank geometry minimises surge forces.
  • The centre of gravity remains low at all times, regardless of the fill level.
  • Cleaning can be controlled easily from the tractor cabin via the MegaSpray control.
  • The tank shape permits the use of large tyres of up to 520/85 R 46.


  • тип прикачна, щангова
  • обем на резервоара 3 000 л
  • работна ширина 15 - 30 м
  • тегло 4 069 кг
  • тип прикачна, щангова
  • обем на резервоара 4 000 л
  • работна ширина 15 - 30 м
  • щанга RA
  • тегло 4 219 кг
  • тип прикачна, щангова
  • обем на резервоара 5 000 л
  • работна ширина 15 - 30 м
  • щанга RA
  • тегло 4 069-4 269 кг